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2 Ultra-bright SMD LEDs with QR function.
Replace the QR stop with QR Tail light.

Guide your safety via different position.
QR function makes battery chan(r)ging easily:
take light part off-- > chan(r)ge battery-- > re-fix on-- > working.
Tool free & water resistant.
G name CQL-B CQL-R
Weight 13g 20g
Material Aluminum base & shell
+ LED lights(QR function)
Lights output 2000 mcd
Function Steady- > Flash- > Off
Power Resource CR1632 battery Rechargeable Lithium
Recharge reminder X Cycle Flash
Runtime Steady-20hrs;
Cycle Flash-1hr
Recharging time X 4 hrs by USB
LED Color options red. white
Body Color options All Black. All Red.
Black base + Silver shell
Patent Quick Release Patent

Lights isn't just an accessory any more!!! Be part of Bike~~

< Notice >

According to the transportation policy, the battery (CR1632) couldn't be sent out.
I will send products without battery and rechargeable type isn't for sale in this website.
Please do not make the order if you don't accept it.
BTW~ It's easy to buy CR1632.


red dot bike


Gbike # red dot design award 2011 winner # SeatPost Clamp single light 

Gbike # red dot design award 2012 winner #  CircleClamp light

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